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Seven Reasons A Home Hasn’t Sold

The house is ready, the paperwork is done, and the for-sale sign is in the front yard. Unfortunately… it’s been that way for months. Why hasn’t the house sold? There could be a few reasons.

The Home has Little to no Curb Appeal

We’ve all seen those signs, proudly declaring “We buy Ugly Homes.” Truth is, most buyers can’t claim the same. Potential buyers have to be beckoned inside the home. Therefore, the house needs to be just as warm and welcoming on the outside as it is on the inside. So, it’s worth it to boost a home’s curb appeal.

Keeping the lawn, trees, and bushes neat can help a lot. Flower gardens should be clean. If they’re in dire need of attention and it’s late in the season, sellers can cover unsightly areas with landscaping material and sink a few potted plants into the ground for a quick fix.

The outside door should make a statement. Give it a fresh coat of bright paint, or replace it. Sellers shouldn’t go cheap here, however. The front door introduces potential buyers to the home, and it’s the last thing they’ll see when they leave. Therefore, a door is one feature where homeowners can splurge.

The Home Wasn’t Staged

Website photography can make or break a sale. So, before putting a house for sale, make it look like a magazine. Clean up the clutter and remove any personal items from view. Then, get rid of any extra furniture to make the rooms look spacious. If the home still feels small, paint the walls with lighter colors or replace larger furniture items with smaller ones. For good photos, the rooms also need to be well lit.

Decorating can also help a home sell faster. Play on the room’s charm by adding throws, rugs, and accent pillows. In bland kitchens or bathrooms, a toilet paper holder, pottery, pots, or other small items can bring add color and eye-catching textures. If sellers are unsure of how to stage their home, a few hours with a home decorator can help. Some companies even specialize in staging homes for a quick sale.

The Home Isn’t Available to View

Smart real estate agents schedule open houses or viewings at the same time as others in the area. These events bring more potential buyers to the neighborhood and increase the likelihood of making a sale. However, if the home can’t be viewed, these appointments become a missed opportunity.

Homes for sale need to be clean and market-ready as much as possible. To make this job easier, sellers should pack anything they aren’t using. They can limit the mess to only a few rooms. Cleaning for a few minutes every day can also keep the clutter of daily life in check.

Not Hiring an Experienced Real Estate Agent to Sell the Home

Cheaper isn’t always better. Saving a few dollars by hiring a family member to sell a home can seem like a smart way to save money, but it isn’t. Selling a home requires a wide range of skills and knowledge that are necessary to get a quick sale at the highest price. It may cost more to hire a good, experienced real estate agent, but a quick home sale will save homeowners a ton of money in the long run.

Basing the Price on Sentimental Value

People believe something they own has more value than what they would be willing to pay for it. This belief is a well-known psychological phenomenon and a common reason why homes don’t sell. Or, the inability to sell a home could mean that homes at a particular price point aren’t selling well at the moment. To get a quick sale, allow the real estate agent to help price the home.

The Home’s Location, Advertising, and Target Market Don’t Match

If a house on the outskirts of a city has been marketed only on social media to young professionals, it probably won’t sell quickly. If it was marketed to an older demographic with traditional advertising methods, however, it might be a different story. An experienced real estate agent understands buyers and buyer behaviors as well as how to sell to them. In short, it’s another way real estate agents are worth the money they’re paid.

Market Slump and the Four Seasons

People don’t like moving in the winter. Therefore, the months around December tend to have the lowest number of listings and sales. Those who do buy in the winter are more likely to be pre-approved and looking for a quick purchase. Therefore, homeowners looking to sell will want to talk to their real estate agent and weigh the pros and cons of winter market sales before listing. The highest number of listings tend to be in the late spring and early summer.

Once a home hits the market, a quick sale becomes vital for saving money and moving forward. By paying attention to these seven pitfalls, homeowners can avoid them and quickly sell their homes. The resulting money savings and reduced stress are worth it.

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2 Responses to “Seven Reasons A Home Hasn’t Sold”

  • It’s good to know that your home could have issues selling if it isn’t staged properly. My brother has been telling me about how he wants to sell his home. I’ll share this information with him so that he can look into his options for professionals who can help him with staging.

    • Paul Michelotti
      Written on

      Thanks for sharing, Dylan! Not only do homes that have been staged more easily allow potential Buyers to picture themselves living there, research shows that staged home tend to sell for a higher price! If you or your brother have any questions or would like a recommendation on someone to stage his home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the agents at our brokerage. We’d love to help however we can.

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