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3 Simple Tips to get You (and Your Home) Ready to Sell

Three Tips for Getting Ready To Sell

If you’re here, you’re probably thinking of selling your home sometime soon. We don’t blame you! Homeowners everywhere, like you, are giddily thinking about all that sweet equity they’ve built up and how awesome it’ll be to cash in! Like you, they’ve probably heard over-and-over from friends, family, & know-it-all co-workers that it’s time to downsize, upsize, or otherwise get wise and put that home up for sale! You’re ready. But is your home ready?  Wait a sec… are you sure you’re ready?

Brace yourselves. A move is coming.

Let’s turn it back to you for a minute. Have you considered what moving entails? Do your personal goals for moving go beyond the financial ones? How confident are you?  Don’t feel pressured to sell just because Chad in accounting heard from his buddy’s wife about a podcast last year that touted summer as the best time to sell. (Chad’s buddy’s wife’s podcast is right… but that’s not the point here.) This decision is YOURS and should happen because it feels right to YOU. Forget Chad in accounting. Just don’t forget: Selling your home means you’ll have to find a new place.

Once you’ve crunched the numbers and know what your budget is, think about where you want to go. If there’s a community you like, do some in-depth research. You may love the area. It may be beautiful and full of friendly potential neighbors. But is it safe? What are its amenities? How about walkability, or the potential commute to your job? Will you and Chad from accounting pass each other on the drive to work?

Hey – we’re not trying to talk you out of it. That’d be bad for business! But we hate to clients sell before they’re ready. That’s not just bad business, that’s bad mojo. So, we like to slap you with a few truth-bombs to make sure you’ve covered all the bases before that sign goes up in your yard.

Did you pass the test?

​Great! Once you’ve decided that now is the time, here are 3 quick tips to get your home list-ready…


1. Start Cleaning NOW

It’s better to start the clean-up process sooner than later.  Spend time getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, fixing leaky faucets, and getting a head-start on de-cluttering (don’t forget the closets or the nightmarish void underneath your sinks).  Once you’re done with the inside, take a look outside and assess your home’s curb appeal. Could the landscaping use a little clean up? How about adding some new mulch to those beds? Driveway or siding covered in grime? Hit them with a pressure washer. (Did you know you can rent a pressure washer from The Home Depot or Lowes?)

2. Look for a Local Expert

Once you made the decision to sell, now it’s time to start looking for a local professional to sell
your home. A not-so-secret-sale-killer is listing with the wrong broker. A good, local REALTOR® is totally informed. They constantly monitor the multiple listing service (MLS), know exactly which properties are going on the market and know the comparables in your neighborhood. Find an agent who embraces technology – a tech-savvy REALTOR® has the tools to get your house sold. Oh, and don’t forget to ask to see some of their past listings’ photos.

Call us biased, but a GO Realty Agent is your consummate guide to the area. We don’t just study the map, we’re out there IN IT every day – exploring neighborhoods, learning the ins-and-outs, the dos-and-don’ts, and seeing first-hand what buyers these days are looking for (and what turns them away). Your GO Agent can help you spot issues with your listing before buyers start touring your home. We weed out the surprises from the start, so you can list with confidence!

3.  Price it Right

Deciding on the right price for your home is one of the most tricky aspects of the sale. It really comes down to a science. 60% of buyers purchase home AT market value. When you price your home where the market actually values it, you expose it to a much larger pool of prospective buyers. That makes you that much more likely to sell.

And don’t forget about timing! A home sees the most buzz when it’s new to the market, and reaches the peak of buyer interest within the first few weeks. If it sells right away, you’ve probably priced too low. If it hasn’t sold after six weeks and multiple showing, there’s likely an issue. More often than not, that issues is an overpriced home. Once it’s lingered on the market, the only offers you’ll get will be low-balls.  Bottom line: pricing correctly from the start will save you time, and get you the best offers!

GO Realty Agents are trained in the science of pricing. You can talk to a GO Realty agent (for FREE) about a pricing & timing strategy for your home. Give us a call or visit us online to learn more!

Sounds like you’re ready! So GO Get those buyers!

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