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10 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your home, there are a whole bunch of ways that you can increase the property’s value. Some of these are simple and inexpensive. Some are bigger upgrades that need some investment. Together, these 10 upgrades will very likely increase the selling price of your home.

1. Upgrade the Kitchen

The number one way to add value to your home is to upgrade the kitchen. You don’t need to rip it all out and start again, though. For a few thousand dollars, you could replace the countertops and flooring. You could buy new appliances and freshen up the walls with a coat of paint. A clean, fresh-looking kitchen is always a big draw for home buyers.

2. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

More and more people now have energy efficiency on their home buying checklist. It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for the long-term running costs of a home. If you have old windows on the property, replace them with energy efficient windows. Replacing old, inefficient appliances will also add value to your home. At the lower end of the scale, installing LED lighting will make your home more attractive to buyers.

3. Make Better Use of Space

Adding extra living space to a home is a good way to entice buyers. Adding an above-garage loft, or a separate Mother-In-Law outbuilding could go a long way. Multi-purpose living spaces are very popular. A loft, for example, could be a games room that doubles as a guest room. Decluttering your home will also make it look more spacious. If you have a lot of furniture in your home, you may want to consider putting some of it into storage. The cost of storage could be a lot less than the extra money that you make on your home.

4. Remodel the Bathroom

The bathroom is another room that has a big impact on the value of a home. If you have old bathroom fittings, replace them with new ones. Make the bathroom as bright and airy as you can. If your bathroom is small, a large mirror on the wall will make the room look bigger.

5. Create an Outdoor Seating Area

When you are upgrading your home, don’t forget the outdoor areas. Adding a deck or a patio can make a big difference. If people can picture themselves relaxing in the sun on your deck, they will be much more likely to buy your home.

6. Brighten Up the Front Porch

First impressions count, so make sure the entrance to your home looks inviting. A coat of paint and new door fittings will increase the appeal of your home. The instant curb appeal of a property is very important. If a home looks great from the outside, you may get away with a few less than perfect features inside.

7. Maximize Storage Space

Storage space is another thing that buyers will be looking for. That includes storage space inside the home and in places like the garage. This is another good reason to declutter your home before you put it on the market. Empty cupboards look larger than cluttered ones. If you are short of storage space, think about buying more shelves and cupboards. Think about how you can create more storage space in your basement and garage as well as inside the main rooms.

8. Go for the Minimalist Look

Less is best when you are decorating your home before you sell it. Buyers will want to stamp their own personality on their new home. Plain, painted walls are better than bold floral patterns. Neutral colors are better than bright ones. Think of your home as a blank canvas on which the new owners will be able to paint their own story.

9. Clean or Replace Old Carpets and Flooring

Old and worn carpets are a big no-no when you are selling your home. If your carpets are looking a bit tired, have them cleaned. If you have any damaged hardwood floors, repair or replace them. As a rule, modern home buyers prefer hard floors to carpets.

10. Paint Everything!

The cheapest way to add value to your home is to repaint the walls and the woodwork. That will make the whole home look fresh and clean. Remember to paint both indoors and out. Painting a home can add one to two percent to the value.

These are just 10 of the ways that you can encourage people to pay more for your home. People buy homes that they can picture themselves living in. They don’t want to have to do a lot of work on the first day they move in. If you can make that happen for potential buyers, you will have boosted the value of your home.


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  • Wow, thank you for informing me that adding a back area to relax outside can increase the selling price as people can envision them using that space. For the last few months, my husband and I have been considering selling our home. We want to make sure we list it for the correct price. We will have to follow some of your tips and then look into appraisal services that could tell us the listing price.

    • Paul Michelotti
      Written on

      Homebuyers love backyards & outdoor space! Feel free to give us a call anytime to talk over pricing of your home. The Home Valuation Tool on our website is always a convenient place to start. Best of luck on your future sale and let us know if we can help!

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