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10 Simple Ways to Slash Your Home Energy Costs

10 Ways to Slash Home Energy Costs
No matter where you live or what type of property you own, energy costs can take a real bite out of your wallet. If you are tired of spending your hard-earned money on out-of-control energy bills, it is time to get serious about savings. Here are 10 simple things you can do to slash your home energy costs and keep more money in your wallet.

1. Invest in smart charging stations.

From smartphones and smart watches to laptops and tablets, you have a lot of stuff to charge. Traditional chargers could be costing you more than you know, so upgrade to smart charging stations that shut themselves down when connected devices are fully charged.

2. Seal up your windows.

You can lose a lot of heat and a lot of energy through your windows, so seal them up and prevent that energy loss. From caulking to special window film, there are plenty of ways to make your windows more energy efficient.

3. Change your HVAC filters.

Clogged and dirty HVAC filters reduce the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning units, so change them now and enjoy lower energy costs all year long. (Hint: removing all those built-up germs will also keep you healthier).

4. Add some insulation.

If your home is not properly insulated, no amount of heat will keep you comfortable when the winter cold arrives. Adding more insulation can slash your energy costs and keep you cozy no matter how low the temperature drops.

5. Turn the thermostat up or down.

Setting the thermostat a little higher in the summer and a little lower in the winter could save you a ton of money, so find that sweet-spot and set your thermostat accordingly.

6. Replace your old appliances.

When your fridge fails or your dryer quits, shop for a replacement with energy-efficiency in mind. Modern appliances are built to exacting standards, and they are far more energy efficient than the models they replaced.

7. Invest in a tankless water heater.

Making hot water is one of the most energy-intensive things you can do, and one of the most expensive. Tankless water heaters are far more efficient and much less costly to operate than their tank-using counterparts.

8. Wash full loads on laundry day.

All those small loads of laundry can really drive up your energy costs, so pack the hamper full before filling the washing machine.

9. Turn off the AC and crank up the ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan can reduce the need for costly air conditioning, so turn it up before you turn the AC on.

10. Schedule a home energy audit.

No matter how thorough you are, there are some things you may miss. Scheduling a home energy audit can help you uncover those gaps so you can drive your energy bills even lower.

You don’t have to put up with high energy costs, and you don’t have to freeze in the dark to save money. If you know what to look for and which adjustments to make, you can stay comfortable all year long and still cut your energy bills substantially.

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  • This tips are very useful and timely. Today, where demand for energy is high, we should find ways to save. Some pointers that are discussed here are taken for granted, not knowing its impact on susainability.

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